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11 Audiobook & Braille Publishers of Books

By Alex J. Coyne

Having your work published (or republished) as Audiobooks or Braille texts can expose you to an entirely new readership as a writer. And the good news is there are a couple imprints who specialize if you know where to look. Here are some places to submit your work.

Audiobook Publishers

Audio Publishers Association (ASA)

Step one is to keep an eye on the Audio Publishers Association (ASA). Here, you’ll find industry news and, occasionally, publishers you haven’t heard of before. They’re the main industry representation for audiobook publishers, and hosts of the Audie Awards. 

ASJ Publishing

ASJ Publishing accepts manuscript and audiobook pitches. For audiobooks, they ask authors to include a “completed sales & marketing brochure” for the projected sales of your project, and information on who published the print equivalent of the book, whether you have had it self-published (or whether it will be exclusively an audiobook submission.) They seek “all areas of general interest” for their audiobook pitches from authors. Read the guidelines here.

Source Books

Source Books is a leading publisher who turns many of their works into audiobooks. Their submission guidelines for authors can be found here. They accept both fiction and non-fiction submissions from authors.

Wordwooze Publishing

According to their guidelines, “Currently Wordwooze Publishing is actively seeking submissions of novellas, novels and anthologies as well as nonfiction books of any length.” These, they turn into ebooks and audiobooks. Their long-form guidelines can be read here. They require the complete manuscript, a brief description and a cover letter that tells them more about you, your book and the word count. Guidelines also note they are “a royalty-paying publisher.”

Bella Books

Bella Books is interested in fiction that tell stories about lesbians. Their guidelines note they accept “lesbian romance, mystery, action/thriller, science-fiction, fantasy, erotica and general lesbian fiction.” With your manuscript, they require a cover letter (with a bio, contact and personal information, any information about rights) and a proper synopsis of your story. Their submission guidelines can be found here.

Sounds True Publishing

Their guidelines note “Audio, DVD, and multimedia product proposals should include a description and outline of the proposed content, a sample of the audio and/or video material, your biographical information, publishing history, and publicity platform, including your event schedule, average number of attendees, and website and social media statistics, if applicable”. They also ask for sales and distribution channel information from self-published authors.

Red Leaf Press

Red Leaf Press specializes in educational products, including CDs and audio content. Subjects are limited to research into child-development and “an active, learner centered approach to education.” Submissions by hard copy or via e-mail, with a cover letter, outline, writing sample and resume are noted as mandatory.

Braille Publishers 

New South Publishing

According to their guidelines, “many of our books are available in large print, braille or DAISY format” and they welcome general and illustrated nonfiction “that can change people’s minds.” They ask for a short synopsis, proposed length, sample chapters, an assessment of the audience, samples of diagrams and a bio of the author.

White Print Magazine

White Print Magazine was first started in May 2013, and stands as India’s first all-Braille magazine. Guidelines by request.

Slate & Style Magazine

The magazine of the Writers’ Division of the National Federation of the Blind, published quarterly. Available in Braille and large print, they are looking for poetry and articles covering topics of interest to the visually impaired.

Dialogue Magazine

Dialogue Magazine is published by BLINDSKILLS and is a magazine for the visually impaired and blind. Of course, the magazine is also available in Braille. According to their website, “DIALOGUE publishes articles, personal essays, interviews, news and resources on all aspects of coping with a vision impairment.” They pay $15 to $35 for submissions. See their extended guidelines here.

Deaf Blind American Magazine

Deaf Blind American Magazine is the official publication of the American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB). They publish any articles of interest, and their guidelines note that they publish White Papers, poems and “other writings” year-round.  Of course, Deaf Blind American Magazine is available in both large print and braille.

Bio: Alex J. Coyne is a journalist and author. He has written features for international publications including Moneyweb, The Dollar Stretcher, Funds for Writers, Great Bridge Links and more. You can visit his website here.



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