July 11, 2016

Thirteen Literary Journals that Publish Novel Excerpts

Literary journals are one of the best ways to build a publication history. They give agents and publishing houses a reason to take your manuscript submission seriously. However, most literary journals publish short stories, poems, non-fiction, and flash fiction, not novel excerpts. That is fine as many novelists also write other work. Some do not….

July 6, 2016

Tule Publishing: A Romance and Mystery Publisher

Updated April 7th, 2019 Tule Publishing started out as Romance Publisher with multiple imprints. Many of their books have sold well on Amazon. Most books they have published have at least 25 positive reviews. They have published bestselling and award winning authors. They publish a wide variety of romance including western, paranormal, and holiday. They…

The Shame List: Manuscript Publishers Who Always Charge to Submit

All of the publishers included on this list are traditional publishers. They are not vanity or assisted presses that charge their authors in order to publish their books. Many are respected publishers with good distribution. Most primarily publish poetry manuscripts. We have written at length before about why this problem effects poets the most. We…

July 5, 2016

Dime Show Review: Now Accepting Submissions

Dime Show Review is a new online magazine of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and literary audio. Inspired by the intrigue of the old-time traveling circus, Dime Show Review publishes writing that prompts readers to peak through the tent flap of the mind into the wild world of imagination. Both emerging and established writers are invited to…