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3 Annual and Recurring Anthologies of Short Fiction

By Alex J. Coyne

Anthologies are an excellent way for writers to see their short fiction in publication, and many anthologies were their first introduction to reading short stories in collected form – these are the Best Of books, the Year’s Greatest Horror Fiction books, the yearly collections that help to keep the craft alive.

Here are three great regular and yearly anthologies for fiction – good luck with your submissions!

The Glass Kite Anthology

Submission Guidelines

The Glass Kite Anthology accepts poetry, prose, short stories and flash fiction of any style and genre – and the selections are published every year. They’re specific on length, and short stories are capped at 5,000, while flash fiction and prose poetry are limited to 1, 000 words per submission. There’s no line limit on verse poetry, but guidelines ask people to avoid overdoing it.

Jolly Horror Press

Submission Guidelines

Jolly Horror Press is a smaller publishing house that looks to publish stories focusing on the comical and darker sides of horror and mystery writing,  and they have regular anthology calls that serve as an excellent publishing ground for writers who want to test the waters of a genre. They’re focused on publishing short stories only (hence the love for anthologies!) and their word count should be 2,500 to 6,000 words.

They are not currently open to submissions but they will reopen in early 2019.

Cloaked Press

Submission Guidelines

Cloaked Press is newer to the publishing market, but they’ve already got a few well-performing book titles in their catalogue – and they’re aiming to keep their yearly anthology of science-fiction and fantasy stories going. If you’d like to submit to the Cloaked Press yearly anthology, they’re looking for stories of between 2,000 to 7,500 words, and it’s best to check the year’s overall theme before you submit.




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