Written by Emily Harstone

Avon Impulse: Now Accepting Book Manuscript Submissions

Updated January 20, 2019: Avon UK has put out a call for digital first submissions via an email address. You can learn more about their call here

Currently the submission manager is closed, but the UK imprint remains open to submissions.

Avon Romance is a romance imprint of HarperCollins. Avon Impulse is their digital first imprint and they publish primarily new authors because of this. If your book does well in terms of digital sales and it is over 25,000 words in length it will receive a print run and receive good distribution. Books that receive a print run are officially published by Avon Romance for the print edition (and not Impulse).

They try to publish a number of books every month. They have experienced editors and marketers to help authors out and they try to give a lot of personalized feedback and support. Avon Impulse really focuses on publishing e-books that sell well and they know a lot about online marketing specifically. They put a lot of effort into promoting the books and authors that they publish.

They do not offer advances for most books, but royalties start at 25% and move up to 50% after the first 10,000 copies are sold.

At this time they are particularly interested in publishing books that fall into the following categories: romantic suspense, super sexy contemporaries, trilogies—and beyond, and historical Romance with a hook.

You submit using an easy to fill out online form. You do not submit to a specific editor. Your work does not need to be formatted in any specific way as long as it is readable. They try to respond to all submissions within six months. You can visit their submission page here.




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