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Everyone Judges a Book by the Cover: How to Find the Right One

By Alex J. Coyne

A professional, well-designed cover can make all the difference. It does not matter if a potential reader encounters your book in physical form, or online, a good cover can sell copies much easier than a bad one. I have bought books based on covers alone, I have also refused to buy books where the cover was poorly designed.

This is even more important in the case of self published books, if the cover is poorly designed, then readers make assumptions about writing and editing as well. Of course book cover designing is a very different skill set and the idea of having to do one’s own cover on top of everything else can  be overwhelming.

I have collected some of the best resources for writers on where they can find completed book covers – or open source images to turn into covers. Many of the options are very affordable.

Pre-Made Book Covers

The Book Cover Designer

The Book Cover Designer lets artists upload their completed book covers onto the site, and allows authors like you to strike up a deal with the author and agree on the price – and usage rights. More than 10, 000 book covers are listed – organized by genre or searchable by keyword – and you have the guarantee that the cover you buy will be used only for one book’s purchase, which stock images don’t necessarily offer.


SelfPubBookCovers is another two-ended site with a good deal for both artists who sign up to sell their covers and authors who buy them. Covers are bought for one-use, so you know it won’t appear as another cover on the other side of the world.

The Cover Collection

The Cover Collection seems to be a private option to authors; their covers have made it alongside many top-selling books on Amazon, and going through their catalog will show you why. Catchy designs, professionally made.

Creative Paramita

Creative Paramita is named after its creator Paramita Bhattacharjee, and you can either pick from their catalog of pre-made book covers or contact them to commission a specific idea you have in mind. Beautifully done and sure to catch a reader’s attention.

Bookfly Design

Bookfly Design is another eye-catching option for authors – they also happen to offer other services to authors looking to self-publish.


I added this one to the list last and discovered it through my search engine research by complete accident – but I have got to say, their pre-made book covers look great – and you can see what it’ll look like on your finished product.

Stock Images


iStock is one of the most popular options for sourcing stock images and is used by international media houses to source images for use in their publications. With hundreds of thousands of images in their catalog, self-published authors should check it out if they’re looking for images to base their cover designs on.


Shutterstock is more or less on the same level as iStock: internationally used with an incredible amount of options to pick from.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a somewhat lesser-known option, and it stacks up well to its larger cousins. You can buy a subscription  with Fotolia if you intend on making regular use of the service, and the site is often recommended to aspiring photographers who want to earn money from their work. According to the description they have 107 million stock photos in their library at the time of writing – go find what you’re looking for!



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