Written by Emily Harstone

Fayetteville Mafia Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Fayetteville Mafia Press is a small press that  specialize in pop culture, true crime, and sports books. Books they have published include A Screenwriters Companion, A World of Demons: The Villains of Doctor Who, and Cracking the Wire During Black Lives Matter.
The press was founded in 2018, and they publish six to eight books a year. They are distributed through the Independent Publishers Group. They are a print and electronic publisher. It seems like they started out as a self publishing operation for David Bushman and Scott Ryan, but they have since published many other authors including Joseph Dougherty, Courtenay Stallings, and David Lee Morgan, Jr.
The covers vary from genre-appropriate, to generic and cheap. The layout of the website is easy to use, and the focus is placed on selling books rather than recruiting authors.
If you are interested in submitting they ask that you submit via email, with “book proposal” in the subject line, the following information:
  • Title and subtitle.
  • A cover letter explaining what type of book you’re pitching, a short description of your book, why you think it’s a good fit for FMP, and who you see the audience being (with any relevant research you might have about the potential size of the audience).
  • A table of contents that outlines the book, as well as brief descriptions of each chapter.
  • A list of other books that already exist on the subject, and what will distinguish your book.
  • A brief bio, including your city of residence, publication history, and social media profile, as well as a list of contacts and ideas about how to promote the book.
  • A sample chapter if one is available.

To learn more, go here.

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