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Places That Will Promote Your Book

By Alex J. Coyne

A writer’s job is part writing and part promoting. Self-published authors need places that will feature their work, but so do traditionally published authors, particularly ones with smaller publishing houses. These include blogs, websites, libraries, bookstores and even radio stations looking for writers to interview and books to review. I compiled some of the best resources for writers below. Please note that some of these places charge, though I always note that fact in the description.

It is important to stress that you should never pay for book reviews, especially not one that promises to make your book shine. Reviews have to be honest, unbiased – and say what the reader thought of your book.


Contact your local library – or some of these listed below – with a finished copy of your book. They might be more than happy to include it as part of their collection, or you might even be able to arrange a special book signing event in co-operation with your local libraries and bookstores. All you have to do is ask!

The Fussy Librarian accepts submissions of e-books for review although it is important to note that they ask authors to pay for inclusion in their e-newsletter and to promote the book.

The Toronto Public Library accepts book submissions from self-published authors. Guidelines note that they are most likely to buy books “of significant local interest or which have received media attention.” Follow the guidelines on their website to submit.

The New York Public Library accepts submissions of books for consideration. Follow the guidelines on the website to submit to their Selection Office.

The Los Angeles Public Library has their submission policy for authors outlined on their website.

Lists of Reviewers

Looking for websites, blogs and book reviewers that’ll write about your book? Here are some of the best reviewer directories we could track down. Good luck!

Authors Cross Promotion has a massively handy list of book reviewers looking for books – that’ll be yours – to read and review. But they do charge for promoting a book across platforms.

Book Reviewers Yellow Pages is, according to its reviews, well worth getting as a catalog of book reviewers.

eBook Crossroads has what they call a “comprehensive database of reviewers of fiction books”.

The Book Review Directory lists more than 150 book reviewers and blogs that’ll read and review your work. They also offer paid editoral reviewls

Melanie Rockett has an up-to-date directory of book reviewers seeking submissions.

Tina Hunter has a comprehensive list of websites that’ll review and feature your books and e-books.

The Indie Book Reviewers List from The IndieView has a huge list of independent book reviewers which authors can submit their work to.

This is Writing lists book reviewers and bloggers.

Writing-World.com lists Children’s Book Reviewers.

Radio Stations

Getting interviews on radio stations – if you can build up the nerve by practicing – is a great way to promote yourself and your work.

Radio Guest List is a website that lists radio stations looking for guests – and you can search by topic.

BBC Radio 4 has an “Open Book” program seeking authors and books.

Artist First Radio Network is a radio channel set up specifically for authors with work to promote.

Podcast Guests lists Podcasts looking for people to interview – and you could be one of them!

Radio Hosts and Guests lists hosts looking for authors to interview on their website.

WritersFM is another online radio station set up specifically for authors, and in addition to tuning in to listen, contact them to find out if you could be their next featured author.





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