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Plot to Publication: Y.A. Novel Writing with Emily Colin

Join the waiting list for our upcoming writing workshop with New York Times Bestselling Author, Emily Colin.

The course guides authors through writing a YA novel with publication in mind.

The course includes:

  • Four weeks of in-depth guidance on writing a stellar Y.A. novel and positioning it to appeal to publishers.
  • Personal feedback on your manuscript from Emily Colin
  • Live office hours with Emily Colin, even after the course is complete
  • Personal feedback on your query letter, synopsis, and pitch

Tuition is $547. Everything is held online. Enrollment is strictly limited. Join the waiting list to get the first chance to enroll when we schedule the next session.

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Meet Emily Colin.

Emily Colin is the New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Thief, as well as the author of The Dream Keeper's Daughter, published by Ballantine Books. Her latest book, Sword of the Seven Sins, launched this August.

In addition to her extensive experience publishing her novels, she's edited a YA fiction anthology, published three non-fiction books, helped start two publishing companies, and worked as a magazine editor.

She has also taught a wide variety of fiction classes, and is known as an engaging, energetic, and thoughtful instructor. Her extensive experience gives her valuable insight into the world of contemporary publishing.

Emily's diverse life experience includes organizing a Coney Island tattoo and piercing show, hauling fish at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys, roaming New York City as an itinerant teenage violinist, helping launch two small publishing companies, and serving as the associate director of a nonprofit dedicated to immersing youth in need in the arts. She is the 2017 recipient of the North Carolina Sorosis Award for Excellence in Creative Writing and the 2018 Recipient of the North Carolina Greater Foundation of Women’s Clubs Lucy Bramlett Patterson Award for Excellence in Creative Writing.