Written by Emily Harstone

Propertius Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated July 15th, 2021: They have closed their submission window for 2021, and plan to reopen in January 2022. It may open earlier and I encourage you to follow them on social media to receive notification regarding re-opening.

Propertius Press is a small non-profit press located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They have been around since 2014 and have a large staff listed but everyone appears to be mostly part-time. They publish paperbacks and electronic books. They use Lulu as their print on demand publisher. On Amazon their books are listed as published by Lulu, but on Goodreads, Propertius is listed as the publisher.

They will consider all genres including action-adventure, urban contemporary, biography, memoir, and women’s literature, children’s stories, young adult, satire, mystery, historical fiction, thrillers, humor, philosophy, and educational works. Keep in mind that they are currently open to just some of these genres.

They do have specific guidelines about what does and doesn’t interest them, which you can read here.

They publish less than 1% of what they receive, and publish a few dozen books a year.

They are actively seeking works by BIPOC authors, and they have BIPOC on staff.

They recently changed their contract from a straight 40% net royalties, to 20% on the first 150 books sold from any source, and 50% on books sold above that number.

Their covers are hit and miss and I get the impression that most of the marketing would be on the author, even though they explicitly ask that you don’t submit a marketing plan.

They only distribution they have is through Ingram, which isn’t good, but it is something. Their website is focused on selling books over recruiting authors. You can see their “bookstore” here to get a feel for what they publish.

To learn more, visit their submission guidelines here.

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