Random Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: New Space

In 2010 I wrote for an entire month in a museum. Not in a coffee shop or a comfy chair at home, but in an awkward crowded busy museum.

Sometimes I wrote standing up. Other times I found an awkward bench to sit on. No matter where I was, art surrounded me. So did a lot of people who were not writing.

Kids would be dancing, older people would be shuffling, occasionally the guards would be noisy. It was nothing like a normal writing environment. Large tour groups would pass by while I searched for the right word.

This experience changed my writing and my life, it wasn’t always easy to write there, but I found myself writing new and interesting things.

For this writing prompt I want you to go somewhere that you have been before. Not a coffee shop or a library but somewhere you would not naturally choose to write.

A park would work, or a beach, a museum, a crowded mall, even a grocery store. When you arrive there, give yourself an hour to write. You can wander during that hour but you should produce at least one page of writing during this time.

I know this isn’t a traditional writing prompt, but it is very helpful to change your environment if you want to write different work.

Where will you write? Send us an email and let us know!