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Short Story Markets: 14 Guides for Writers

By Alex J. Coyne

Sitting on some genre short stories and not sure where to submit them? Take a look at this reference list for writers, which features short story market guides for flash fiction, speculative fiction, horror, crime and more.

Flash Fiction Market Guides

Absolute Write Forum

Absolute Write Forum has a verified thread of flash fiction markets, what they’re looking for and how much they pay. The list was last verified in 2015, though most of the markets and their guidelines still stand.


Daddu has a pretty useful list of flash fiction markets geared specifically to the horror genre.

DL Shirley

Author DL Shirey has set up this alphabetical list of flash fiction markets and their guidelines – some are websites, some are magazines and all have links directly to the guidelines’ page for each.

Every Writers’ Resource

Every Writers’ Resource has several market guides if you dig around on their website. This is their list of literary magazines accepting flash fiction.

The Review Review

Check out The Review Review and their list of flash fiction markets, their pay and their guidelines.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy


FictionFactor has several useful market lists available on their website; this is their list of science fiction and fantasy-based markets and their guidelines.

Science Fiction Poetry Association

The Science Fiction Poetry Association is worth joining if you’re a science fiction author. Beyond that, this is their list of paying markets for science fiction poetry.

Writing Career

Website WritingCareer.com can point you in the direction of many resources, including this list of speculative fiction markets (including science fiction and odd fantasy), their pay and guidelines.


Dark Markets

Site DarkMarkets.com offers a range of resources for horror authors; a great place to start is their list of paying markets – magazines included – for horror writers.


Ralan was set up to help authors find their way to guidelines; here, find horror, science-fiction and weird fantasy guidelines to cut your teeth on and send your tales.


HorrorTree is a pretty comprehensive horror market listing if you’re looking for magazines, e-zines and more in the horror genre.

The Horror Writers Association

Join the Horror Writers Association if you write horror and want to keep your finger on the pulse; click the link to see their market guide of horror listings.

Crime Fiction

Dystopian Stories

Here’s a list of creative writing journals accepting submissions and their rates, including literary and speculative fiction– though not limited to it.

Every Writers’ Resource

Every Writers’ Resource has several market guides authors should look at apart from flash fiction, here is their list of literary magazines seeking short crime fiction.

Good luck submitting!

Bio: Alex J. Coyne is a journalist and author. He has written features for international publications including Moneyweb, The Dollar Stretcher, Funds for Writers, Great Bridge Links and more. You can visit his website here.





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