Written by Emily Harstone

Twilight Times Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Twilight Times Books is a publisher of non-fiction and fiction, although at the time of publishing this review they are only open to non-fiction. They have a fiction reading period most years during the summer. They were established in January 1999 as an ePublisher, but in 2004 they because a small trade publisher. Their premise is that they want to support and publish mid-list authors. They prefer established authors but have also published a few new authors every year.

The fiction they publish is primarily in the science fiction, fantasy, and mystery genres, although they mention literary fiction as well. In terms of non-fiction they publish humor, self improvement and writing advice. Although for this round of submissions they will also be considering creative nonfiction, how-to books, and military/war-related non-fiction .

Their website is old fashioned and hard to navigate. Their main page focuses on work they’ve published rather than recruiting authors, which is a good sign. The covers they publish are not to my taste, but each seems to suit the genre it belongs to.

The initial print runs for first time authors are 750-1500. They say they have good national distribution within the US but do mention their distributor, which makes me suspect it is Ingram.

Their eBooks are available in more formats than just for Kindle, which is a good sign. In Canada for example, the Kobo eReaders dominate the market, and many small publishers do not offer Kobo formatted books. Twilight Times does.

Their current response time is around four weeks. You can learn more here.



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