Written by A Guest Author October 25th, 2018

Weekly & Monthly Newsletters for Writers

By Alex J. Coyne

Writing newsletters are an excellent source of practical writing advice, bits of inspiration, useful articles, market lists and useful contacts – and if you’re a writer who isn’t subscribed to any of them, then you’re missing out on thousands of terabytes of information that’s floating around out there for free.

Here are some of the best daily, bi-weekly, weekly and monthly newsletters for writers that’ll keep you reaching for the quill – or keyboard.

The Writers Newsletter


The Writers Newsletter has been in existence since 2016, and their monthly newsletter puts you in touch with new authors, books, tips and writing competitions for the month. For September, they’ve got a feature on “You Are Never Too Old To Publish Your First Book” along with tips and travel tales. Their archives are available here.


Writer’s Digest


Writer’s Digest is one of the top publications around for writers, and they also have a useful weekly newsletter where they set writers up with useful articles, links, writing prompts, publishing tips – and real advice from the world’s bestselling authors.


Funds for Writers


Funds for Writers is run by author and editor C. Hope Clarke, and the weekly newsletter has more than 35, 000 subscribers. FFW is a huge wealth of information for writers, and the newsletter contains articles on how to improve your writing style and sell your writing. But FFW is not just for career writers, and anyone can find benefit from the newsletter, articles and market lists.



Right-Writing is run by author Terry Whalin, and the Right-Writing newsletter is her way of giving back to the writing community by re-publishing some of the bestselling writer interviews and tips in one place. The newsletter will also keep you in the loop of writing prompts and tips that Terry has complied over the years. You’ll also get 3 free e-books on online marketing for writers with your sign-up.


Poets & Writers


Poets & Writers is a great organization representing, well, poets and writers – and here’s where you can sign up to any of their several newsletters. You’ll find more than just writing advice here, they even advertise writing and poetry events all over the US. There’s the P&W Weekly Update (sent every Thursday), The Time is Now (every Friday), Readings & Workshops Presents (quarterly), NYC Update (monthly) and LA Update (listed as “occasionally”).


The Advanced Fiction Writing Ezine


The Advanced Fiction Writing Ezine is set up to send you regular writing prompts and some really in-depth articles on approaching your fiction – including everything from character development through to how to end a scene. You’ll also get sent some extra resource like a 5-day email course about publishing your novel, and the description notes that every newsletter “typically has 3 meaty articles – covering craft, organization and marketing for fiction writers.” Archives are available on the same page at the bottom.


Writers Write South Africa


Writers Write is a community of professional writers who regularly post everything from fiction competitions through to articles on the craft and business of writing. Their newsletter is sent to you daily, and contains everything you need to spark some inspiration into your day before you start writing. Each newsletter has writing prompt, literary birthdays, a writing article, a writing comic, a daily writing quote and a word. You’d be surprised at how much this can do for your creativity.


Writers Weekly


Writers Weekly is another huge writing community that you can’t afford to miss out on. If you sign up to Writers Weekly, you get sent one of two free books for signing up – Book Proposals That Worked or Query Letters That Worked – and yes, they’re really useful if you want to see practical examples of what has worked for writers. They also have some of the best articles about writing around, all of which can reach you through their newsletter. 

The Submission Grinder


The Submission Grinder kicked off their mailing list for the first time in January 2016. Among other things, you’ll be sent writing tips and practical market listings for writers – and what’s really cool about The Submission Grinder is the fact that it lets you customize your weekly list “based on your genre and payment interests.” You can also sign up to their monthly newsletter featuring news about the publishing industry.

The Young Writers’ Workshop


The Young Writers’ Workshop is set up for young writers who are working to find their voice and bring some fresh writing to the market – and signing up to their newsletter gets you great monthly writing advice from writers who are actively writing and publishing.


The Creative Exiles


The Creative Exiles is a group of poets and writers who have put their forces together to make up the Creative Exiles collective. You can sign up to their newsletter if you’re looking for weekly writing advice, inspiration and new places to find ideas.





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