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Writing About Animals: 10 Publishers for Animal Lovers

By Alex J. Coyne

Are you a writer and an animal lover? Then this could be your niche. I have collected some of the best markets for stories about animals and their owners, animal health, animal care and any other stories about the animal kingdom you might have waiting to get out. Grab your submissions notebook and best of luck!

Animal Wellness Magazine

Paying Market

Animal Wellness Magazine is a North American publication focusing on animal health. They accept articles between 500 to 1, 000 words, and are also open to submissions for their Animal Passages, Warm & Fuzzy and Tail End columns. Occasionally, they publish book excerpts of exceptional quality. Guidelines ask that you familiarize yourself with past issues and pitch your idea first. Authors’ name and contact details are asked for included in the manuscript. They pay, though rates aren’t disclosed in their guidelines.

The Bark

Paying Market

The Bark accepts journalistic articles, shorter pieces under 600 words, essays and fiction about dogs. Previously published work is accepted as long as authors note when and where. Submissions must be typed with the author’s name and contact details appearing on every page. According to their guidelines, they can take up to a year to respond to submissions. Pay rates are to be discussed with the editorial team and vary according to the article’s intricacy and length.

Your Pet Space

Paying Market

Your Pet Space publishes articles about pets and their owners. Guidelines note that writers should familiarize themselves with the blog’s format and previous posts, then pitch their Managing Editor first. Articles run 1, 200 words, usually with image submissions, and you give them permission to potentially use your submission in one of their e-books. They pay $20 per accepted submission.

Pets in the City Magazine

Non-Paying Market

Pets in the City magazine is a pet-lover publication for city slickers. Guidelines ask that readers pitch their editor-in-chief first for articles not part of their rescue stories (Saving Lives in the City) or passed pet tributes (Goodbye Stories). They publish informative pieces about topics including dog training and breed profiles. Articles average 500 to 700 words unless otherwise agreed with the editor.

Horse Network

Paying Market

Horse Network seeks all stories for equestrian interest. This includes their sections for news, sports, health, lifestyle, laughter, learn and opinion pieces. According to their guidelines, they accept pieces of 500 to 750 words. Their guidelines note that they pay $50 for accepted submissions, with a $100 bonus if your article gets shared more than 1, 000 times through their social media channels. Submissions are only through Submittable, and you’ll know if your submission has been accepted within 30 days.

Reptiles Magazine

Paying Market

Reptiles Magazine is for all reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. They accept articles covering husbandry, breeding in captivity, reptiles in the field, conservation and health. They ask for a two-sentence author bio accompanying submissions, and once your submission has been accepted, guidelines note you’ll have to sign and return a contract with their publisher, Pet 360 Media. For 2,000 to 2,500 word length articles (submitted with photos) they pay an average of $300 within 90 days of publication.

Africa Geographic

Non-Paying Market

Africa Geographic’s online section accepts travel and animal stories related to Africa. They’re looking for 250 to 500 words, but will push extend it to a maximum of 800 words if the piece warrants it. They also accept photo and video submissions to accompany the article if they’re of excellent quality.

Bumples Children’s Magazine

Paying Market

Bumples Magazine is geared at young readers 3 to 5 and 6 to 10. While they accept a variety of story genres, their guidelines note that they have a preference for animal fiction. They pay $30 for stories and $20 for poems with payment 3 to 6 months after your work is published. Author retains all rights.


Non-Paying Market

Zoomorphic focuses largely on animal conservation. For fiction, they’re looking for between 500 to 5, 000 words. They ask that authors include a 50-word bio with their submission.  They also have a submission window for poetry submissions and accept non-fiction, too.

Animal: A Best of a Literary Magazine

Non-Paying Market

Animal Literary Magazine publishes work on “the essence or immediacy of the beast” – this is open to interpretation, though wild animal stories are a good fit. They’re looking for fiction of up to 5, 000 words, though also accepts poetry (up to five submissions at once), nonfiction of up to 5, 000 words and art.

Submission Tips for Authors

  • The best pitches can describe an idea in three to four sentences, sometimes less. Condense the core of your article idea and tell the editor what the story is about and why they should want to publish it.
  • Study a publication thoroughly before you submit, and pay specific attention to their general style and tone, their article topics over a period of time and the headlines they usually publish.
  • Ensure that all statistics are current and all facts are verified by at least three independent sources or resources;  this is a good rule of thumb to make sure you are always at the top of your game.
  • Always check your pitch and submission for spelling before you hit send.  Everyone makes mistakes, but a quick read-through is enough to prevent most of them from occurring!




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