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Elevate Your Writing and Publishing Career with In-Depth Lessons from Award Winning and Bestselling Authors

Our lecture series includes talks from bestselling novelists, poets, and industry professionals, covering a wide range of topics that will help you improve your writing skills and take your career to the next level.

You’re welcome to register for upcoming lectures, or watch select lectures, right now, completely free. Check them out…

Upcoming Lectures

Free Lecture: Sentiment & Sentimentality — The Art and Craft of Writing Powerful Emotions

Join award winning author, poet, and educator Ellen Bass for a one hour talk and Q&A session.

Lectures Available to Watch Right Now

Free Lecture: How to End a Poem with Resonance with Kimiko Hahn

Join National Book Award winning poet Kimiko Hahn for a free one hour lecture and Q&A session.

Free Lecture: How to Hook Readers and Publishers With Your Opening Pages

Join New York Times bestselling author Emily Colin for a one-hour talk and Q&A session.

Free Lecture: How to Write a Dynamic Act One for Your Novel

Dive into the most essential scenes for your novel's first act.

Free Lecture: How to Write Romance Novels Readers Love

Join New York Times Bestselling author Emily Colin for a one hour talk and Q&A session.

Free Lecture: Reflections on Voice and Responsibility in Poetry with Kwame Dawes

Join Emmy award winning and Guggenheim recipient Kwame Dawes for a one hour talk and Q&A session.

Lecture: Not a Poem, Not an Essay, but a Secret Third Thing ‒ Introduction to the Zuihitsu

You are invited to watch a one hour talk and Q&A session with acclaimed poet and editor Eugenia Leigh. The subject: The Zuihitsu, a Japanese form of writing that is neither an essay, or a poem, but a "secret third thing."

Lecture: Writing to Save the World with Danté Stewart

Join acclaimed author Danté Stewart for an hour of motivation and inspiration, as he discusses the ways writing can save the world.

Lecture: The Art of Poetic Efficiency with Michael Kleber-Diggs

Join award winning poet Michael Kleber-Diggs for a one hour talk and Q&A session. During the talk, Michael Kleber-Diggs will discuss how poetic efficiency elevates both poetry and prose.