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Authors Publish Magazine accepts submissions of articles related to writing, publishing, and marketing for authors. To learn more, read the submission guidelines.

Workshops and Courses

The Writers Workshop at Authors Publish features month long writing courses, with an emphasis on personal feedback from instructors. The courses usually include a mix of live office hours and five pre-written/recorded lessons per week. Instructors can expect to earn around $4,000 per month long course. For each week of the course, students submit an assignment to the instructor for feedback. You are welcome to send your resume to We will review it the next time we are hiring. You can learn more about our courses here.

Lecture Series

The Writer’s Workshop Lecture series is a free monthly lecture for writers, streamed live to our audience, and posted on Youtube. Topics vary, but can include an aspect of the craft of writing, or the business of publishing. You can watch our first lecture here. We pay $250 for the lecture. If you would like to propose a lecture, please record a two to five minute video that describes your idea as well as your qualifications. Low production value is perfectly fine. Send your video to


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