Written by Sheritha Singh October 27th, 2016

10 Anthologies Seeking Submissions

Written By S. Kalekar

Here is a list of open calls for anthologies, ranging from calls for true stories about military families and premonitions, to fiction about addiction-themed horror and sci fi/fantasy stories about submerged worlds, and more.

Chicken Soup for the Soul’s anthologies

They look for true stories, written in the first person that have a beginning, middle and end and often close “with a punch, creating an emotion rather than talking about it.” They also publish poems that tell a story. There are different deadlines for all their anthologies.

Military Families: For true stories by soldiers, both active and retired, and their families; the ups and downs, funny, or heartwarming stories. Some suggested topics are: coming home, beyond the call of duty, how military life makes you different, pets in the military, and remembering and honouring.
Extended deadline: November 30, 2016

Dreams, Premonitions and the Unexplainable: Following the success of their Dreams and Premonitions anthology, this call is for personal stories about premonitions, or dreams that save you or a loved one, or chance meetings at just the right time.
Extended deadline: January 30, 2017

Stories about Cats: For stories about rescued cats, whether adopted as kittens or as older cats, that have found their homes; serious or humorous (or both) stories about cats, their antics, or their habits.
Deadline: January 31, 2017

Stories about Dogs: Similar to stories about cats, this is for stories about rescued dogs that have found their forever homes.
Deadline: January 31, 2017

Word count for all anthologies:
up to 1200
Pay: $200
Details here: http://www.chickensoup.com/story-submissions/possible-book-topics

Multiples Illuminated: Life With Twins and Triplets, the Toddler to Tween Years 

This anthology calls for parents of twins, triplets, quardruplets or more to share specific anecdotes about their children, with universally relatable takeaways; it “will focus on stories and advice to guide parents from the toddler years through to the tween years (ages 2 to 12)”.

Word count: 800-3,000
Deadline: November 30, 2016
Pay: $40/story
Details here: http://multiplesilluminated.com/call-for-submissions/

Zombies Need Brains LLC: three anthologies
They are looking for a range of stories, from humorous to dark for all three science fiction and fantasy anthologies; stories with unexpected settings and takes on the tropes will receive more attention.

Submerged: SF/fantasy stories that are set underwater, at least at some point. “There should be a significant reason for why the action must take place underwater; this should NOT be a story where it easily be rewritten on land and maintain its cohesion.” Half the anthology will be SF stories and half, fantasy.

All hail our robot conquerors!: Where robots in the stories harken back to the 50s/60s style of robots. The stories could be set far into the future, but there should be a significant nod to robots from that era.

The death of all things: Where Death is a character in the story. “The version of Death used should be unique, so consider all different types of versions of Death seen throughout history and in different cultures.” No torture porn or gratuitous violence.

Word count for all anthologies: up to 7,500
Deadline: December 31, 2016
Pay: at least 6c/word, more if Kickstarter funds allow, and possible royalties
Details here: http://jpsorrow.livejournal.com/488157.html

Wicked Run Press’s Garden of Fiends: Addiction-themed horror
Horror fiction about any type of substance, and from any point of view. The substance use should “ring true with verity of terms and modes of transmission.” The addiction can be just part of the setting, but should be a major part of the conflict. Supernatural elements are welcome.
Word count: 16,000-25,000
Deadline: January 1, 2017
Pay: $500
Details here: http://www.markmatthewsauthor.com/2016/07/GardenOfFiendsSubmissions.html

Broken Eye Books’ Ride the Star Wind: Cthulhu, Space Opera, and the Cosmic Weird
They are looking for stories that combine space opera with cosmic weird horror, either set within the Cthulhu Mythos or inspired by it. They “want to see the Mythos continue to grow and evolve, to expand as a shared literary world and not be tied to outdated and limiting sensibilities”, and are “not interested in stories with bigoted, unbalanced views on race and gender.” They are actively seeking underrepresented voices, and welcome subversive or experimental stories.
Word count: 3,000-6,000 words for short stories; up to 1,000 words for flash fiction
Deadline: January 31, 2017
Pay: 8c/word
Details here: http://www.brokeneyebooks.com/submissions.html



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