Issue Three Hundred Twenty

Chandra Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated March 18th, 2020 Chandra Press is a digital first press that focuses on publishing science fiction. They do offer print versions of all their books. They have a detailed staff page that is very different than most publishers, because the focus feels so much like it’s on the past financial success of the team….

Juke Joint: Now Seeking Submissions

A gathering place for unconventional poetry, Juke Joint lives up to its namesake. Like the juke joints of the South—structures marking the margins of society, gathering sharecroppers and plantation owners after working hours—Juke Joint magazine celebrates the spirit of rebellion. They’re looking for Southern and non-Southern voices: lyrical, narrative, found, erased, and unclassified. To get…

Knowing When to Rewrite

By Richie Billings I had a sickening moment not long ago. While thinking how best to put the pieces of a story together, I realized none of it worked. It was like trying to place triangles into oblongs.  Before nausea came panic, and when at last they both settled, I realized I had a decision…