Issue Eighty-Two

Quote of the Week

Dzanc Books: Open To Manuscript Submissions

UPDATE July 6th 2016: They now charge 25 dollars for all manuscript submissions. We do not recommend working with them based on this. Dzanc Books is a respected independent publisher that also owns and operates a wide variety of imprints, and literary journals, including the highly respected electronic journal The Collagist. Dzanc books is based…

Sundress Publications Seeking Political Poetry for Anthology

Sundress Publications is a publishing collective that is responsible for a number of journals, anthologies, and manuscripts. They also run the annual Best of the Net Awards. This year they are putting together a collection of political poetry for publication. The anthology was inspired by and is a reaction to an essay published by NPR….

Writing Prompt: We Stayed Up All Night

This writing prompt is pretty simple. You can take it in any direction you want. Your response could be a poem, non-fiction, flash fiction, or fiction. Just take the Phrase “We stayed up all night” and make it the first sentence of your piece. Now the nice thing about a phrase like this is that…

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