Issue Four Hundred Forty Eight

Shambhala Publications: Now Accepting Book Proposals & Manuscript Queries

Shambhala Publications is an independent publishing company based in Boulder, Colorado. They are distributed by Penguin Random House Publisher Services. They were founded in 1969 and “is dedicated to creating books, audio, and immersive courses aimed at improving lives—in ways big and small—in the hope of contributing to the development of a thoughtful, kindhearted, and…

Minnow Literary Magazine: Now Seeking Submissions

Minnow Literary Magazine is an online publisher of “minnow-sized literary works and visual creative works that make a big splash.” They’re interested in micro poetry, flash fiction, and short personal essays, and they especially like writing about nature. Minnow has been published online for two years now, and so far they’ve released four quarterly issues….

Making the Jump: Transitioning to Writing for Children

By Rumbidzai Whena They say no matter how grown up we are, we will always be kids inside. So when I was offered a book contract for writing children’s books, it seemed easy; all I had to do was reach inside and think like my inner kid, right? Wrong. Staring at a blank screen made…

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