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Submit, Publish, Repeat is the definitive guide to publishing your creative writing in literary journals. It helps writers of all levels easily navigate the often confusing world of literary journals.

In this book, you’ll learn how to find the right literary journals to submit to, maximize your chances of publication, and build momentum in your writing career.

Publishing in literary journals is one of the best ways to find the attention of major publishers. Many, many books deals had their origins in publication by literary journals.

A literary journal is a magazine that specializes in publishing works of literary merit.

Some literary journals focus on a particular genre, like science fiction or crime writing, and others publish poetry, short stories, or flash fiction. Most are open to work of all kinds. Many are open to visual art, as well.

This book is your guide for getting published in literary journals.

About the 3rd Edition: The book has been completely revised and expanded. It is almost 40% longer, with updates in nearly every chapter, as well as the addition of two new chapters, a glossary of terms, and an appendix with links to additional resources.

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