Issue Fourteen

Writing Prompt: Genre Twist

There are writers who always write horror, those who always write romance, and those that jump around a lot from sci-fi to literature and mystery all in the space of one week. But even for those flexible writers there are genres they avoid. I do not like to read or watch horror, so the idea…

Crannóg: Now Open To Submissions

Crannóg is a print literary journal based out of Galway, Ireland that publishes work from all over the world. They are established and respected and they just re-opened to submissions for a month. They are only open to submissions three months a year: July, November and March. They publish three aesthetically pleasing journals a year….

West Wind Review

West Wind Review is published annually at Southern Oregon University. They are a print publication that is established, experimental, and fun. It is always good to be published in a journal associated with a university. It tends to give the journal a more serious reputation. West Wind Review publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poems….

Inspirational Quote of the Week

  This Emily Dickinson quote is one of my favorites, because it does not focus on getting a book published, or writing the best poem possible, but on the fact that all those things and others are possible, with writing and with life. It is a quote about hope, as much as it is about…

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