Issue Ninety-Four

Quote of the Week

Naugutuck River Review: Now Accepting Poetry Submissions

Naugatuck  River Review (NRR) is a print and electronic literary journal that is focused on publishing narrative poems. A narrative poem is any poem that tells a story.  Now NRR is particularly interested in publishing poems with a compressed narrative, so a poem that tells a story in as little space as possible. The stories…

Big World Network: Now Accepting Submissions

UPDATED May 2017: They are not currently open to submissions, and they appear to be dealing with serious issues. If they do reopen to submissions I would approach with even more caution than previously advised.    Big World Network is a very unusual publisher that was founded in 2011. They release the stories they publish…

An Argument For Traditional Publishing

Writers are often very frustrated with traditional publishing. It can be hard to find a publisher. Publishers don’t always give writers the freedom they want. Plus in the age of near instant self publishing, it is easy to wonder why traditional publishers are even necessary. However, there is still a large contingent of authors who…

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