Issue Ninety-Five

Quote of the Week

Black Inc. Books: Open to submissions

UPDATED 2016: No longer open to submissions by non Australian authors. Black Inc. Books is a respected independent publisher based out of Australia. Their books are distributed through Penguin Australia. Even though they are based in Australia, they publish authors from all over the world. They publish primarily non-fiction and fiction. They publish poetry and…

ARMCHAIR/SHOTGUN: Now Accepting Submissions

ARMCHAIR/SHOTGUN is a print literary journal that was founded in 2008. They are committed to printing unusual and strange works of poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. They are also looking for visual art. ARMCHAIR/SHOTGUN recently had a successful indiegogo campaign which should help support them during the next five years. As a literary journal they have…

The Hidden Dangers of Self Publishing

Self publishing has a lot of buzz these days. Some authors are finding success, many are not, but self publishing is becoming respectable in a way most writers could not imagine even five years ago. However, not all forms of self publishing are created equal. Many new authors approach self publishing with the notion that…

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