Issue Five Hundred Forty Seven

Eucalyptus Lit: Now Seeking Submissions

Eucalyptus Lit is a new online magazine of poetry, prose, and hybrid genres. They publish a wide variety of writing, but they especially like confessional writing and, “simple, pretty things.” They’re looking for authentic writing that “plays with language in beautiful ways.” Eucalyptus Lit will be published four times a year. Their first issue, which…

Walker Books: Now Accepting Picture Book Submissions

Walker Books, an established and respected UK based publisher of picture books, is open to direct submissions, but only of work that is already illustrated. So if you have an un-illustrated picture book, this is not the right home for it. Walker Books is part of The Walker Books Group is one of the world’s…

Why and How to Get a Chapbook Published

By Jess Chua I’ve always wanted to publish a book. Some of my happiest childhood moments were with books that gave me so much joy, comfort, and inspiration. Self-aggrandizing as it sounds, I always thought it’d be glorious to be able to hold a book with my name on it as The Writer. I self-published…

Dancing to the Finish Line

By Ruth Wilson It all started with a phone call. My friend, Jeannie Dennler, called to say that she needed help finishing a book that she had started ten years earlier. “If there’s one thing I need to do before I die, it’s to finish this book. It’s been hounding me for way too long….

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