Issue Two Hundred Forty Seven

Sleeping Bear Press: Now Accepting Submissions

Sleeping Bear Press is a well regarded publisher of board books, picture books, middle grade readers, and young adult fiction. They offer advances to some authors. They have good regional distribution in the Midwest and ok distribution in North America. Their books have won a wide variety of awards, all of them are listed here….

Dime Show Review: Now Seeking Submissions

Dime Show Review publishes fiction, flash fiction, ten-word stories, poetry, and essays, both online and in print. They are looking for literature that suspends doubt, writing that appears of its own accord and tells secrets we never suspected but always knew. Select authors published in Dime Show Review are given the opportunity to present their…

The Sensitive Author’s Guide to Rejection

Written by Ananda-mayi Dasi  I was like Robert Peary embarking for the North Pole—that is, if we can pretend for a moment that the publishing world is a vast, icy, unreachable landscape and I am much, much braver than I am. No, there weren’t endless miles of frigid peril before me—just one tiny button: “submit”—but…