Download Page: The 2015 Guide to Manuscript Publishers

Over the past few years, I have reviewed a publisher almost every week for Authors Publish Magazine. Some of these publishers are nearly household names like Chronicle Books and Bloomsbury, others are new, fledgling companies still trying to figure out their identity. Many of the publishers fall between these two extremes.

All of the publisher reviews contained in this guide have been published before on Authors Publish, however the reviews have never before been organized in this manner or gathered in one easy-to-search place before.

All of the reviews in this book are updated to reflect any changes that have occurred within the company since the original review took place. Since Authors Publish is over two years old, this was an important and time-consuming project. Sometimes, the changes that occurred within a publisher were minor; others were not. Many print companies who we reviewed early on have since started new digital first imprints.

The guide is now available, completely free.

You can download it here:

Download Now(PDF)


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