Issue Four Hundred Fifty Two

Tilted House: Now Seeking Submissions

Titled House is a New Orleans based press that publishes a print and online journal of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, plays, and reviews. They aim to produce a diverse publication that’s, “multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-educated” and international. Although they showcase a wide range of writing, they especially love experimental work. They publish both emerging and established authors….

Mad Creek Books: Now Seeking Manuscript Submissions

Mad Creek Books is the literary trade imprint of The Ohio State University Press. With a mission to foster creativity, innovate, and illuminate, Mad Creek Books champions diverse and creative literary nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. They charge 7 dollars for general submissions and 25 dollars for the contests they run, but many of the imprint…

The What, Why, and How of Plotting Your Novel

By Sarina Byron No debate divides a bunch of writers faster than a discussion on whether they plot their written pieces or not. Some writers feel that creating a plot for their story or article is limiting. They feel that spending time on a plot outline stifles their creativity and they do much better when…

Announcing The Winter Recipients of Authors Publish Fund for Literary Journals

In September 2020, we started a new fund for literary journals. You can learn about this fund here. We selected the recipient of the fund using a random number generator. We are announcing the winners of the November, December,  January, February, and March funds today. Due to a high rate of non-responses from literary journals…

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