Issue Five Hundred Thirty Seven

Victory Belt Publishing: Now Accepting Book Proposals

Victory Belt Publishing is distributed by Penguin Random House, and is one of the biggest publishers in terms of the Ketogenic and Paleo diets, and have published a number of bestselling cook books in those spaces, including Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. They’ve also published a lot of other health and wellness books, some…

Only Poems: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

Only Poems is a brand-new online poetry journal, edited by two award-winning poets, Shannan Mann and Karan Kapoor. Most literary journals only publish one, or sometimes two poems by each poet, but Only Poems publishes poems in small collections to give the reader a representation of the range and complexity of each poet featured in the…

Mindfulness and Writing

Martha Witt Many years ago, during a residency at an artist colony, I was sitting at my desk struggling to write when my eye caught a phrase scrawled into the wood of my desk: “Writers write.” At the time, stalled trying to draft a story, I naturally moved to the existential question, “Am I really…

Opportunities for Historically Underrepresented Writers this September

This list of publishers meet our guiding principles, but are only open to free submissions from historically underrepresented writers or focus on publishing content produced by historically underrepresented writers. Some of these publications are open to a wide range of writers including writers of color, gender non-conforming and LGBTQ+ writers, and those living with disabilities….

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