Issue Two Hundred Ninety Four

Whiskey Tit: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Updated March 2021: They planned to publish a book in December 2020. It is still available for pre-order and appears not to have actually been published. I am tentatively considering them defunct and not including them in this years guide to manuscript publishers. Whiskey Tit attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts….

Laurel: Now Seeking Submissions

A brand-new online journal based in South Africa, Laurel is seeking powerful poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and artwork. Authentic, brave, and honest, the literature featured in Laurel explores the full face of the human condition. They publish skillfully crafted writing in which authors express truth without pretense. Laurel often pairs writing with original visual artwork, creating…

Three Ways To Write With Minimal Time

I am a mother of two small children. One of them can more honestly be described as a baby. I also have a job, and various other commitments beyond that. My free time is minimal, yet I’ve found ways to ensure that I always find ways to write, in spite of this. Part of this…

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