Now Available: The 2017 Guide to Manuscript Publishers

About The Book: The 2017 Guide to Manuscript Publishers features book publishers that accept submissions directly from writers. No agent or previous publishing experience is required. Featured in the book this year, in addition to the publisher reviews, is a guide to the manuscript submission process, as well as a glossary of common publishing terms.

All of the reviews in this book were originally published in our magazine. The reviews in this book are updated to reflect any changes that have occurred within the company since the original review took place. This is an important and time-consuming project.

This year, like last year, I saw an increase of traditional publishers starting a vanity imprint. I must emphasize that I am only reviewing the traditional publishing arm of any company and not the vanity-publishing arm. I do not recommend working with a vanity publisher.

If a traditional publisher tries to redirect you to the vanity arm of the same company, please do not be redirected, and also report it to us (, and we will update their review to include an explicit warning about the practice.

–– Emily Harstone

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