Free Book: 8 Ways Through Publisher’s Block

Many writers talk about writer’s block, but for me that has never been an issue. What I have struggled with for the last 8 years is something I have started to call “publishing block.” What I mean by publishing block is not an inability to write, but an inability to get published or a feeling of stagnation in terms of publication.

This book is for every writer who has hit a wall with their publishing career. Whether you’ve never published a word of your writing, or are far along in your career, you’ll find valuable advice for sustaining your career as a writer.

This book contains the eight different tools or steps I use to get myself out of publishing block. Some tools I utilize more than others, and while some steps I do almost automatically, others I do more reluctantly. But all are important and essential ways to combat publishing block.

If you are new to trying to get your work published, this might all seem a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be – just pick one way to start combating publishing block. For example, you could begin by submitting to literary journals or getting involved (or more involved) in your local literary community, and go from there, slowly working on it over time. –– Caitlin Jans

8 Ways Through Publisher’s Block (FREE) (PDF) (59 Pages)

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