Issue Twenty Five

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ABDO: A Children’s Book Publisher

Update April 14th, 2022: They appear to be closed to all submissions for an undisclosed amount of time. ABDO is an established publisher of children’s books. They publish a great deal of educational books for children. Currently they are  looking for fiction manuscripts. These must contain educational content and should be focused on children between…

Writing Prompts: To Be or Not To Be

“To be or not be” is the world’s most famous soliloquy. It is act 3, scene 1 in Hamlet, and it is among the many lines from Shakespeare that are still commonly spoofed in current culture. At the end of this article I have included the entire text of the soliloquy. Today’s prompt is a…

Interview with Roberta DeCaprio

Roberta DeCaprio is a freelance writer and established author of Romance novels. She has written numerous books, all released by various small presses. You can visit her website to learn more or buy a book: To read more of her thoughts on writing and life visit her blog. Emily Harstone: When did you start…

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