Issue Two Hundred Eighty Nine

Red Deer Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Updated July 2022: They specifically encourage submissions of Canadian authors. They don’t officially prohibit submissions from non Canadians, but we’ve removed them from listings because of this emphasis/focus. Red Deer Press is a small press based out of Canada. They focus on publishing children’s books. They publish books for a whole range of ages starting…

Paper Darts: Now Seeking Submissions

Paper Darts is an online and print platform for flashes–fiction and nonfiction–that push boundaries, challenge beliefs, and showcase underrepresented perspectives. They pair unexpected flashes from unheard voices with custom artwork, and sometimes dabble like artistic outlaws in deviant endeavors like pop-up shops, art museums, readings, short story collections, vinyl records, and other such obsessions. You…

3 Annual and Recurring Anthologies of Short Fiction

By Alex J. Coyne Anthologies are an excellent way for writers to see their short fiction in publication, and many anthologies were their first introduction to reading short stories in collected form – these are the Best Of books, the Year’s Greatest Horror Fiction books, the yearly collections that help to keep the craft alive….

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