Issue Four Hundred Seventy Seven

Wizards in Space: Now Seeking Submissions

Wizards in Space aims to create “Spaces made for people to share their magic.” They showcase a wide range of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by both emerging and established authors. They like writing that’s heartfelt, whimsical, and connective, and they feature underrepresented voices as often as possible. To get a sense of what they…

New Village Press: Accepting Queries

New Village Press was established in 2005. Since then they have focused on publishing transdisciplinary books in urban sociology, community cultural development, and healthy city design. Most of their books are actively focused on community building and change making. Some of the books they publish are academic, and others are aimed at a general audience….

Who Am I? And the Author’s Bio

By Emily-Jane Hills Orford You’ve been asked to supply an author’s biography (author bio) to accompany your publications (either books, stories or articles). No more than fifty words in length. What do you say? What do you write? How can you keep it this short? For me, I like to revert to the exercise I…

61 Opportunities Open to Submissions From Historically Underrepresented Voices this July

This list of publishers meet our guiding principles, but are only open to free submissions from historically underrepresented writers or focus on publishing content produced by historically underrepresented writers. Some of these publications are open to a wide range of writers including writers of color, gender non-conforming and LGBTQ+ writers, and those living with disabilities….

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