Issue Sixteen

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Fiddleback: Open for Submissions

Fiddleback is an established American literary journal that publishes short stories, essays, and flash fiction. They publish four issues a year online as well as one print journal per year. They only consider unsolicited submissions for their online edition, although if your work is accepted by their online publication they are much more likely to…

West Branch: Now Open for Submissions

West Branch is a famous, established, and respected print journal that publishes short stories, and poetry twice a year. West Branch is associated with Bucknell University and has been around since 1977. West Branch just re-opened to submissions on the first of August. They pay all the writers they publish. They pay $40 per accepted…

10 Ways to Promote Your Book with Facebook

When you’re promoting a book on any budget, Facebook can be a great utility. If you want great sales it is best to start early, six to nine months before your book is set to be published. When you are are ready, here are the tips to follow to help get the word out on…

Writing Prompt: Alternative Biography

When my father was young, long before I was born, he was accepted into Stanford for math. He planned to attend Stanford, but instead stopped at Washington State University and decided to stay after touring the art department. He met my mother in a watercolor class. They have now been married for over 35 years….

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