Issue Four Hundred Twenty

AM Ink: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

AM Ink is a Western Massachusetts based press that publishes quality biographies, children’s books, novels, and short story collections.  They’ve published more than 60 titles, including bestsellers. They have also sold television rights, and had movies made from their books. They have two imprints. Dark Ink, their horror imprint, has released everything from celebrity biographies…

Nocturne Magazine: Now Seeking Submissions

Nocturne Magazine publishes artfully crafted horror. They’re not looking for predictable plots and cheap screams; rather, they want literary work that’s “deeply unsettling.” They embrace dark writing that might fit into a wide range of genres, including speculative fiction, dark fantasy, and of course, horror. But they also embrace disturbing writing that can’t be classified….

Leveraging Goodreads as an Author

By Sandra Sealy Even if you’re not an author chances are you’re already a member of – relishing the big ol’ pile of books you’ve read, and the ones you’d like to read. According to’s co-founder, Otis Chandler, “Our recommendation engine analyses 20 billion data points to give suggestions tailored to your literary…

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