Issue Three Hundred Sixty Nine

Nightfire: Temporarily Open to Manuscript Submissions

Nightfire, the horror imprint of Tor/Forge, is open to submissions of novellas (20,000-40,000 words) and novels (40,000-200,000 words) for a very brief period this June (2020). It opened on the 15th and will close on the 22nd. Tor/Forge is a science fiction and fantasy imprint of McMillan and you can learn more about them here….

Molecule: Now Seeking Submissions

Molecule is a new online lit mag for 50 word poetry and prose. In the smallest visible particle, there are 50 molecules to each dimension of its cube. In keeping with this, each edition of the biannual journal features work from around 50 contributors. You can download the journal for free to get a sense…

The Importance of Reading Debut Novels

A debut novel is the first novel published by a writer. When one is attempting to find an agent and publisher for their own first novel, it is very important to read debut novels by other writers to see what is being published now. Older, established novelists like Margret Atwood and John Irving are going…

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