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September 20, 2021

27 Literary Magazines Publishing Hybrid Writing

Here are 27 magazines/outlets, and they publish a wide variety of hybrid or cross-genre work. They also accept work in other genres, like fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Some of them pay writers. Most, but not all, of them are open for submissions now. Bending Genres This magazine publishes flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, and…

September 13, 2021

Why and Where You Should Start Submitting Your Writing This September

“I went for years not finishing anything. Because, of course, when you finish something you can be judged… I had poems which were re-written so many times I suspect it was just a way of avoiding sending them out.” — Erica Jong. Starting to submit your work to literary journals is a hard task. Before…

August 30, 2021

18 Memoir Publishers Open to Direct Submissions

Memoir publishers that don’t require an agent to submit are few and far between. However, there are still options out there.  Some are old and respected, others are new and still figuring things out. Not all the publishers on this list are currently open to submissions, but most are. Persea Books Persea Books is an…

August 23, 2021

28 Publishers Seeking Young Adult Novel Manuscripts

Young adult is one of my favorite genres to read, even though when I was a young adult I struggled to find good YA books. These days the young adult genre is profitable, diverse, and covers a wide variety of genres, from science fiction to romance and everything in between. A lot of young adult…

August 16, 2021

30 Print Literary Magazines that Publish Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry

These 30 magazines publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in print format. Most also publish online. Some have limited print runs, and a few are themed. Most, not all, of them are open for submissions now. Many of these are paying markets. They are listed in no particular order. West Branch This is a prestigious magazine,…

August 9, 2021

24 Publishers that Accept Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels

Most of these publishers are interested in science fiction and/or fantasy. Some publish just one of these genres. Others publish many genres and types of books, science fiction and fantasy just being one genre among many. Some are small companies, others are imprints of major publishing houses. They are not listed in any particular order….

July 19, 2021

40 New Literary Magazines for July 2021

These 40 magazines publish fiction (literary and genre), nonfiction, and poetry, and they all began publishing during or after 2020. Most, not all, of these are open for submissions now; some have themed calls. Many of them pay writers. The magazines are listed in no particular order. Uncharted They will debut in August 2021, and…

July 12, 2021

29 Literary Fiction Publishers that Accept Direct Submissions – No Agent Required

Literary fiction is one of the harder genres to get published in without an agent. There are smaller presses that specialize in it, but unfortunately more and more of those presses are now charging reading fees. However, there are still good options for authors who are unagented and averse to paying reading fees. The manuscript…

June 28, 2021

16 Magazines that Publish Writing by Children and Teens

The following is a list of literary journals and magazines that publish writing by children and teenagers. Some of them accept submissions from adults – and all of them accept submissions from youth of various ages. Not all of them are currently open to submissions, but most are. Children Stone Soup This magazine by and…

June 20, 2021

25 Literary Fiction Markets Seeking Submissions

The 25 magazines listed here are open for literary fiction submissions; a few accept genre fiction/blended-genre work as well, and all of them also publish work in other formats, like nonfiction and poetry. Many of the outlets pay writers. The magazines are listed here in no particular order, and some of the deadlines are approaching…

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