Issue Four Hundred Twenty Nine

Rowman & Littlefield: Now Accepting Book Proposals

Roman & Littlefield is a independent publisher based outside of Washington, DC. They focus on educational publishing, academic publishing with a focus on Humanities and Social Sciences, and well as publishing government and official data. Some of what they publish is very specific and niche, while other work is clearly intended for a broad audience….

Last Leaves Magazine: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

Last Leaves is a new online poetry magazine that aims to create community. It’s an online space to share great poetry, to listen and to be heard. They publish all forms and styles of poetry, and they feature unpublished authors and established poets alike. They simply want readers to think and feel deeply in response…

Why Writers Should Take Online Writing Classes

By Nancy Franklin There is nothing like staring at a blank screen for hours on end, especially if you’re a beginning writer. If you find yourself procrastinating in ways that range from obsessively checking Facebook and Instagram, hitting the delete key on everything you’ve written, to wearing a path to the refrigerator for snacks, taking…

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