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Talon Review: Now Seeking Submissions

Talon Review is an online publication based out of the University of North Florida. They are funded by the Amy R. Wainright Endowment. They started out focused only on publishing student work, but since 2018 they have been open to submissions from anyone.  They publish stories, essays, poems, and hybrid work as well as art,…

Armstrong Literary: Now Seeking Submissions

Armstrong Literary is an online journal published by the The Queens College MFA in Creative Writing and Literary Translation program. They aim to showcase a diverse range of voices, “a multiplicity of cultures, languages, and experiences.”  They also aim to push the boundaries of language by featuring hybrid and experimental writing alongside other literary work….

The Dread Machine: Now Seeking Submissions

The Dread Machine is a publisher of futuristic dark fiction, speculative fiction, slipstream, literary science fiction, and cyberpunk. They also like magical realism, dystopias and utopias, unconventional societies, and diverse protagonists. The Dread Machine is a selective publisher with a small staff, so they ask that authors send only their best writing. The Dread Machine…

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