Issue Two Hundred

Parvus Press: Accepting Full Manuscript Submissions

UPDATED April 7, 2021: Their site is listed as under maintenance. This is a probably a bad sign but could be a good one. Updated August 25, 2020 – They are taking this summer to re-assess their strategies and decide which route to take forward. They will not be responding to submissions till early fall….

Mortar: Now Seeking Submissions

Mortar is a brand new online literary magazine seeking of-the-moment poetry, fiction, and nonfiction spoken from the cultural outskirts. They want to broadcast the voices of women, those who identify as gender-nonconforming, those who are non-heteronormative, and all others who identify with the mortar: the often-unnoticed margins around the big brick. They are looking for…

Four Economical Ways to Get Your Work Edited

By Aisha Idris For chefs, a new dish should never be served to a large audience without being taste tested. Similarly, when you write a new piece you will always require someone to read your work and correct it for a smoother reading experience. Editing is essential if you are about to send your work…

How To Support The Literary Community

Here at Authors Publish we take a strong stance against submission fees. It is part of our guiding principles. Last summer published an article called The Shame List.  This article was about presses who only read submissions for a fee. Now poetry presses have charged poets for a long time and you can read why…

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