Issue Four Hundred Seventy Four

The Whisky Blot: Now Seeking Submissions

The Whisky Blot is a new online literary journal, dedicated to publishing short fiction, poetry, and haiku. They also will publish one annual “best of” print journal, and plan to split the profits between the contributors. They say they are seeking work that is seriously literary, but without pretension. The short fiction they publish is…

Luna Press Publishing: Accepting Submissions

Occasionally we’ll feature a press that isn’t open, but will be soon, for a very limited reading period. This is the case with Luna Press Publishing. They generally have three limited reading periods a year but for 2023 they’ve only announced one so far. It will open on the 16th of June and close on…

Common Mistakes Writers Make With Their Opening Lines

By Ashley Taylor Clark Your opening line is a crucial part of your novel. It offers readers their first impression of your story, introducing them to the world, characters, and overarching tone in just a handful of words. In a lot of cases, readers use these lines to determine if your book is for them….

3 Ways to Make Your Writing Unforgettable

By Abdulraheem Jameel Ango Writing that comes to life engages the hearts and minds of readers. Giving your writing life is one way to register it as a relatable, even unforgettable, piece in the minds of readers. Here are three elements that can help bring your writing to life. Figures of Speech If your writing…

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