Issue Thirty Four

After The Pause: A Publisher of Poetry, Flash Fiction, and Visual Art

Update: Permanently Closed to Submissions After the Pause is an electronic literary journal that publishes one issue per season. They are always open to submissions. They publish each issue on the electronic magazine site Issuu. They publish poetry, flash fiction, and visual art. They plan to publish their first yearly print anthology in January 2016….

How to Drive a Semi.

No, I don’t propose to teach you how to drive an 18-wheeler in a magazine article, although I could. I’ve had a hand in numerous publications that teach truck driving, including BUMPER TO BUMPER®, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations. If you’ve never done it, you can imagine how unnerving is the prospect of getting…

Quote of The Week

Writing Prompt: The Reader Knows

Most of Shakespeare’s plays hinge on the fact that the audience knows more than the characters. In Romeo and Juliet we know that Juliet is not actually dead, even though Romeo takes his own life believing that she is already dead. In the Twelfth Night we know who is a male pretending to be a…

The Top 5 Literary Journals That Have Re-opened to Submissions in Decemeber

Each month many journals close to submissions and many re-open. December is a particularly good month for journals accepting submissions. Some of the top journals that have been closed since June are just now opening their doors to submissions. The top five journals are listed in no particular order. Gurenica They are an online journal…

Baen: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

UPDATE February 2021: Author Jason Sanford has been investigating the situation at Baen’s Bar, the private forum of Baen Books, after hearing that it was being used increasingly to advocate for political violence. You can read his report here. Baen has temporary placed the forum on hiatus in a reaction to this report. Baen is…

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