Issue Five Hundred Fifteen

Three Ravens Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Three Ravens Publishing is a fiction publisher focused on genre work, particularly science fiction and fantasy, but are open to other genres as well.  They are active on social media, and attend various conventions, both good signs. They also appear to obtain part of their funding from Patreon, which is unusual, but hopefully indicates a…

The Orchards Poetry Journal: Now Seeking Submissions

The Orchards Poetry Journal is a biannual print and digital publication. They nominate three poems each issue for the Pushcart Prize, and they select two poems each issue for The Grantchester Award. The first place Grantchester Award winner is awarded $50, and the second place winner receives $30. The Orchards favors rhymed verse in traditional…

8 Writing Opportunities/Fellowships This April 2023

These are opportunities with deadlines or awarded on a rolling basis. Most of them have restrictions around who can apply. Please read each entry carefully. Larissa Marantz Need & Merit Scholarships Ten (10) Larissa Marantz Need & Merit Scholarships are open to any writer or illustrator who identifies as BIPOC, LGBTQIA2, Jewish, Low-Income, having a…

Writing Authentic Historical Fiction

By Garth Pettersen Historical fiction can be defined as made-up stories involving true events or series of events that happened at an earlier time. Some suggest historical fiction should be set before mid-twentieth century, but to my thinking if a reader accepts a time setting to be recognizably different from the present, it is history….

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