Issue Twenty Four

Inspirational Quote of the Week

A lot of the time we focus on publishing but is always important to remember that writing itself is a reward, a pleasure, and a treat. To be able to create something is one of the most exciting and valuable things we can do.

Writing Prompt: Four Senses

Most people have five senses: Taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. However when we write we tend to focus on only one of those, sight. This exercise is designed to focus on improving the diversity of our senses when it comes to writing. Set a timer for 15 minutes. This is a short exercise. Now…

The Wild Rose Press: Open to Submissions

Updated April 2019 – They do not copyright their books and if an authors work is plagiarized, they expect the author to protect their own work. This is part of the contract. It is not advisable to publish with them, because of this. The Wild Rose Press is an established small press that publishes full-length…

Tribe: Open to Submissions

Tribe is an online journal that is published 12 times a year. It is based out of the UK but publishes work from all around the world. The Tribe is interested in short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, narrative non-fiction, and essay.  They are also interested in visual art. Tribe is a non-profit literary journal. Tribe’s…

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