Issue Five Hundred Fifty Eight

Black Beacon Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Black Beacon Books is a small press that was established in 2013. It was founded in Australia, but since then has moved to Brittany, France. They publish mysteries, suspense, horror, and post-apocalyptic fiction. They have a Patreon, and regularly publish anthologies. In fact, they have two open calls for anthologies right now which you can…

Naugatuck River Review: Now Seeking Submissions

Naugatuck River Review is a print journal of narrative poetry. They are looking for poems that tell a story: “They can be stories of a moment or an experience, and can be personal, fictional or historical.” The editors like poetry in the tradition of poets like Patricia Smith, Philip Levine, and Alicia Ostriker. Naugatuck River…

So you want to run a Micropress (or just want to know what it’s like?)

By Elizabeth Davis So for whatever reason you have taken leave of common sense and sanity and decided that being an author was not enough. You want to run your own micropress. First, what is a micropress? Well, take a small press and then squish it down, to about two people running a business in…

Opportunities for Historically Underrepresented Authors: February 2024

This list of publishers meet our guiding principles, but are only open to free submissions from historically underrepresented writers or focus on publishing content produced by historically underrepresented writers. Some of these publications are open to a wide range of writers including writers of color, gender non-conforming and LGBTQ+ writers, and those living with disabilities….

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