Issue Five Hundred Eight

Saraband: Now Accepting Nonfiction Submissions

Saraband is an independent publisher that was founded in 1994 in Norwalk, Connecticut. In 2000 they relocated to Glasgow, Scotland and they have since relocated to Manchester, England. Their focus has always been on nature, history, art and the mind/body connection. On their website now, they divide their nonfiction into two categories, nature and culture….

Popshot Quarterly: Now Seeking Submissions

Popshot Quarterly is an established and respected publisher of new voices in poetry and fiction. Their vividly colored and beautifully designed journal features writing alongside artwork from some of today’s best illustrators. The journal is attractive and engaging, and its appeals to a broad range of contemporary readers is evidenced by its distribution in over…

How to Stay Motivated (So You Can Finish Your Writing Projects)

By Abdulraheem Jameel Ango I’ve started more writing projects than I’ve finished. If you’re anything of a passionate writer, then the same is probably true for you. Once you turn your hand to writing, the perceived difficulty of starting a writing project fades away almost immediately and yet a couple of thousand words later, numerous…

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