Issue Five Hundred Fifty Five

The Courtship of the Winds: Now Seeking Submissions

UPDATED  Jan 26th, 2024: They are now closed for submissions. The Courtship of the Winds is an online literary journal that published their first issue in 2016. They have a lovely website, with a clear and distinct title that goes along with their name. They publish two issues a year, and the work they publish…

Double Dagger Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Double Dagger Books is a small press based in Toronto. They only publish military and security-focused fiction and nonfiction works. While based in Canada, they are happy to publish international authors and are open to international submissions. They publish books with genre-appropriate covers. They appear to be reasonably active on their blog and social media….

The Other Side of the Desk: Megan Fishmann

Most writers don’t have a clear idea of what it’s like to work in publishing. The many professionals who make publishing possible often work very hard, without much credit. Our goal with this article, and all of the articles in this series, is to give writers a more realistic idea of what it is actually…

Writing For Solace

By Ruth Wilson Writers write for a variety of reasons – as a creative endeavor, to clarify or share an idea, as a source of income, to respond to a muse, to play with words, etc. I sometimes write for solace. Journals I’ve kept for over 30 years include entries about sadness, anxiety, disappointments, and…

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