The First Twenty Pages

About the book: The first twenty pages are the most important pages of any manuscript you write. These first twenty pages are what you will need to submit to publishers and agents. Many writers have a problem with this. They don’t see why agents and publishers don’t accept full length manuscripts as initial submissions. They complain that the first twenty pages of their work isn’t their strongest.

These complaints are understandable. But here’s the truth: If your work does get published, these twenty pages contain the first words your readers will encounter, perhaps as a Kindle sample or while browsing in a bookstore.

I haven’t bought a book in the past decade based solely on the cover. I have, however, bought hundreds based on the first few pages.

Most readers, if they don’t like the first twenty pages, won’t read any further than that. No matter how terrific the end of your book is, readers will have to make it past the first twenty pages in order to reach it.

The first twenty pages have a lot of work to do. They have to establish plot, character, and setting in a way that makes the reader commit to reading more. You need to do a good job with the first twenty pages for a reader to invest their money and time to read the book as a whole.

This eBook is all about those first twenty pages, what you need to cover in those pages, how to establish your writing style, tone, etc.

The book is available free for a limited time.

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